Safety vs. functionality: looking for the best headphones to use in a factory Expedition HVC

07.01.2021 at 17:39 by Roel Bolhuis


The new temporary exhibition in House of European History is 'under construction' Fake for Real

07.01.2021 at 17:32 by Tsur Reshef


The last steps before the Coronel Pavilion at the Portuguese-Israeli Cemetery Beth Haim is opened! Coronel pavilion

29.11.2020 at 14:30 by Remco Swart


All in good hands with Fiction Factory Museum of the Mind

07.11.2020 at 17:32 by Femke Bijlsma


"Who Cares?" The first model for a personal story in the upcoming exhibition on the Mind Museum of the Mind

20.08.2020 at 11:45 by Robert van der Linde

Visiting Paleis Het Loo together with Ina, to get an impression of the new exhibition spaces that are currently under construction. Het Loo palace

22.06.2020 at 14:08 by Robin Schijfs


Last trip before Corona Lockdown: Usomo from Berlin calibrating their audio tracking system in the Polder of Texel next to the bunker. Torn Island

22.06.2020 at 10:32 by Michel de Vaan

How to become invisible? Prototyping together with WeTheCurious at Bruns Project What If

17.03.2020 at 15:33 by Ina Meininghaus


Prototyping a rainbow crystal sphere for one of the new exhibit constellations at WeTheCurious. Project What If

12.03.2020 at 09:51 by Ina Meininghaus


Workshop at IJsfontein together with the Museum of the Mind - Work in Progress Museum of the Mind

06.02.2020 at 12:26 by Julia Meyerrose


Typo test for Museum of the Mind Museum of the Mind

23.01.2020 at 09:19 by Sietske Sips


Julia sketching for the new permanent exhibition at the Museum of the Mind Museum of the Mind

22.12.2019 at 15:43 by Lieke Ketelaars


Walk-in interactive sound space demonstration by Usomo in our office in Amsterdam... Torn Island

16.12.2019 at 15:10 by Mark de Jong


David Vroom is taking new portrait images for our new website... In progress…

10.12.2019 at 15:10 by Lieke Ketelaars


This is the Introduction pavilion for the Beth Haim cemetery in TAPE Coronel pavilion

10.12.2019 at 10:05 by Herman Kossmann


Doing some research for a new project ;-) In progress…

19.09.2019 at 09:50 by Maaike Sips


Plastic Fantastic: the collection is being installed for the new exhibitions at Naturalis Life

16.08.2019 at 10:29 by Remco Swart


Alejandra trying out the seasonal viewers in The Story of Gardening Museum! The Story of Gardening

10.07.2019 at 11:22 by Elise van Wolfswinkel


We design narrative spaces. Spaces that inspire, move you and stay with you. We design for cultural institutions, public space and companies.


We love stories.

We're multifaceted.

We work together.

We love stories.

We are a committed group of all-rounders who love stories. Intriguing stories. Exciting stories. Epic stories. Stories that silence you. Sensitive stories. Poetic stories. Whatever your story is, we tell it in such a way that enriches everyone who comes to see it.

We're multifaceted.

We are a versatile team, which can be expanded with additional specialists depending on the project. We’ve got strategic consultants and planners, conceptors and creative directors, spatial, graphic, and interaction designers, scriptwriters and storyboard artists. Art directors, visualizers, content strategists and developers, production supervisors, project managers, contract managers, and media specialists. We have in-house designers of communications, of signage, and of catalogues and, of course, visitor flow and evaluation specialists.

We work together.

Together as a team. Together with you. With everyone that’s needed to tell your story in an unforgettable way. We work carefully and step by step: every element has our full attention. From the first concept to the final review. From the best storytelling medium to the smartest detail. We love going on adventures. We aim high and discover how to get there with the shortest possible detour. Together. Shall we?



“As an architect, I am very detail-oriented. Research is always my first step; it answers all the design questions! My aim is to translate research into experiences that encourage people to do, learn, and dream more. What I love most at KDJ is the transdisciplinary magic that happens within the team and being surrounded by talented people – it feels like everything is possible! Personal motto: Don’t stop until you are proud!”




“There is an atmosphere of generosity here, KDJ always gives you more than you asked for – I experienced it when I was one of KDJ’s clients. That’s why I joined the team – I wanted to be a part of it. As KDJ’s managing director, I support the work processes and manage the finances. Not one single project is the same. The result is always new and meaningful.”




“I was born in Italy and lived in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Milan, and Arles before moving to Amsterdam. Working in a highly creative environment inspires me to approach business development in an innovative way. I love working at the intersection of art and architecture. In my free time I practice modern dance.”




“I take care of the financial part of the studio and our projects. I like having the overview of what happens at KDJ. I work on very diverse projects, with different countries, sizes, and levels of complexity. Next to my work I am pursuing a degree in Business Economics and give volleyball training to kids. I love watching them grow and develop their talent.”


Elise van


“We mix content and spatial design into one clear and visible story. When story and design come together, a whole new world opens up. I studied spatial design, I love stories and I’m a good listener. This combination strengthens my ability to translate content into an entertaining and understandable exhibition. I like to participate in the content-making as much as possible. I enjoy getting involved in ‘how’ and ‘what’ we want to tell the visitor through the spatial, interactive, and digital design as well as in storytelling, text, and audio.”




“I’m vegetarian but when it comes to my interests, I’m an omnivore, a glutton even. Before I starting at KDJ I worked as an architect in Japan, I wrote about art for an Italian newspaper, designed interactive art installations, founded an organization for refugees in the creative industry, and set up a climate change class at the Rietveld Academy. As content developer, I try to turn this jumble of experiences into an advantage, creating ever richer multi-dimensional experiences for real people.”




“I am co-founder of Kossmanndejong. Besides the exciting projects we realized and are working on, being a member of a skilled team of different disciplines and making places of drama, entertainment, and intellectual challenge is a daily inspiration. Thinking holistically, innovating, and challenging the boundaries of the ‘exhibition’ as a medium have become part of our DNA. I am proud we have developed such an adventurous place.”





“I studied spatial design in Groningen, where I was trained in both interior and furniture design. I discovered exhibition design when I visited ‘the Darkroom’ by KDJ in the Dutch Photography Museum in Rotterdam. My work is very inspiring. There is a ‘family feeling’ among the colleagues and we motivate each other to act in a sustainable manner. I am also training to becoming a yoga teacher.”






“To design beautiful spaces is simply not enough for me. While studying interior architecture in Germany and the Netherlands, I realized that while it is wonderful to create pretty spaces, they become even more meaningful when you add content. I prefer to use a pen to shape my ideas and set the computer aside for a while. I am never afraid of a white sheet of paper. Even better is the back of an old sheet of paper from the recycling bin. Because reusing materials is really what gets my creativity going.”




“I’m studying design for play at the Design School Kolding in Denmark. At KDJ I want to experiment with integrating play to different parts of the agency. Play is already present in the exhibitions and the visitor experiences KDJ develops. Thus I’m trying to implement play in the conception process. With the team, with our clients, and internally – in the agency’s systems. Play is positive and universal. It can improve collaboration and create bonds between people. It is also an easy way to learn!”



“Working with top-notch designers is such a pleasure. They are extremely creative, passionate, dedicated, and have an insane work ethic. As a communicator, I learn a lot here. I can combine my background in cultural heritage and marketing and I’m pushed to try new things and experiment. The energy I get from this makes me do silly bike dances on my way to work and back.”




“I am fascinated by how people relate to their environments in a way which goes beyond simple function, I am interested in the emotional, social, cultural and imaginative nuances of the things that surround us. I studied visual communication in Italy, product design in the UK, and graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. I like to wear many hats, among which the designer’s, the artist’s, the musician’s, the lighthearted explorer’s.”




“As a writer and documentary film maker, my focus is on the content. I love the magic that happens when it merges with the spatial design into a complete new world. Personal stories are my favorite; they can bring any topic to life, no matter how abstract or complicated it looks at first. Each project is a new adventure. We plunge ourselves into the subject. We explore it from every angle to analyze the essence before we start designing.”


de Jong


“I am the DJ of KDJ. I am trained as an architect and a self-taught graphic designer. But it takes much more than just these two disciplines to create narrative spaces: we operate and move between lots of different media and collaborate with so many interesting people. It is truly inspiring to be able to define this profession with each new project, together with all these people.”



“Having worked at KDJ for almost 20 years, I have seen it grow from four guys to over thirty people. I’m involved in almost every project in some way, from 2D design and 3D design to visualizations. Between designs I take care of basic IT stuff. Sometimes I miss the construction aspect of the exhibitions we design. I also build things for the office, such as a modular magazine rack made of found objects.”




“Kossmanndejong is a pressure cooker for creativity in which I feel like a fish in water. The horizontal corporate culture. The ambition to strive for the very best at all costs. Our clients share this, creating conditions where you can fly high as a designer. Moving from being a theater/TV maker to designing exhibitions, I have even more tools at hand and a wider audience. I love telling stories, touching people in their heads and hearts. I like to incorporate a little excitement, some humor, desire, and to ruffle some feathers. Everything starts with a good concept.”


de Vaan


“I have a broad interest which is really useful when being an exhibition designer. As an industrial designer I’m trained in designing products and services for people and I’m always focussed on how visitors will interact with exhibits. I see myself as an all-round designer with a very critical view on everything I make. I love the intense process of creation and the social interaction with all people involved. There is always room for humour in those processes. I think KDJ is an office where we really realise special projects. Seeing visitors having a meaningful experience in our designs is the most rewarding feeling ever.”


de Jong


“I’m keen to learn, explore new subjects and transfer knowledge to visitors. At KDJ, form always follows content – nothing is incidental. I always enjoy seeing the first physical expression of a design like a sample or mockup. I keep a good overview in large projects with lots of parties. As an architect, I see the possibilities of a space. I’m able to advise the architect on how the experience can best take shape. Two truths about exhibition design: No amount of money ever bought a second of time and nothing goes right automatically.”




“As a 2D designer, I translate content into a visual form – to inform visitors or teach them something in a comprehensible way. As a result, I learn something new every day and no two days are the same. Working together with such a fun and talented team is very inspiring, motivating, and educational. Whether it’s drawing, painting, cutting and pasting, or using the computer, I love creating colourful illustrations, letters, and patterns. After working hours I happily continue.”



“I studied visual communication at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. I like the moment when a new project starts, when everything is still possible and we look for the best way to tell a complex story. We don’t take assignments as they come, but question the brief when it’s for the best. I like to travel to step out of my usual environment, to be confronted with different perspectives and to immerse myself in another cultural context.”



“What I like about my work is sharing and combining ideas and skills to create immersive experiences for visitors. I am a multidisciplinary 2D/3D thinker. My work is to apply graphics in an architectural/spatial context. I make (very) large scale graphics and create clear infographics and icons. I love food and music. My way of working is to question everything, always.”


van der Linde


“As a designer at KDJ I combine my education in interior architecture with a bachelor in anthropology. For me it’s all about space, atmosphere, and story. When you play with these three parameters the possibilities are endless. I’ve been working at Kossmanndejong since the early days. The good thing about this studio is that we are thorough, and we don’t stop until we are completely satisfied. And that’s when something really happens to the visitors and they are transformed in some way.”




“Designing a narrative space is like putting together a giant puzzle. As a trained teacher and designer, I combine both skills at KDJ. I love to dig deep, find patterns and create order out of chaos. Whether it’s typographic details or the structure of a concept: things have to make sense as a whole. And that doesn’t mean things can’t be funny or extreme, very minimalistic or a feast to the eye. Besides my work at KDJ, I design theater sets and installations. One thing is always the same: it’s about putting your all into a project.”




“After graduating in musicology, I worked as a producer for opera and music theater, broadcast facilities, and digital productions. Since 2008 I work as a project manager in the exhibition sector. I apply my experience in digital media and performing arts within our projects. As a link between business management and the project leaders I play a central role within our team – that’s my favorite place!”




“I found my dream job at Kossmanndejong. As a project manager with a background in history, I dive enthusiastically into all interesting projects alongside a dedicated team of designers and content developers. I find it important that content and design become one. After all, this is the strength of KDJ. Every project is an exciting challenge that I like to take on and accompany, because I believe that life is about doing what you love to do.”





“Before becoming a graphic designer I worked as a teacher. I used to tell the children stories of all sorts. This is something I still do but now in a graphic way. It feels good to see the stories come to life in the spaces we create. Working in a team provokes the best in me, we inspire each other and go for the best. After work, I design prints for children and make illustrations for imaginary stories. There is so much in life that makes me curious and eager to learn. I feel privileged to be able to dive into a new topic every time we start a new project.”




“I love going on adventures such as (sky)diving & traveling. For me, creating an exhibition is an adventure in itself. I have been designing experiences, exhibitions, and media for more than twenty years in some of the most prominent museums in the Netherlands before joining KDJ in 2018. I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, worked for the architecture firm Concrete, and founded my own design studio. Technical knowledge and concept development go hand in hand in my work.”




“I very much believe in inspiring each other. Where one thought leads to another, bringing each design a step further. Theater fascinates me: the way a minimal decor can suggest a whole world. This elusiveness touches me; I try to incorporate it in my designs. After work I do pottery. Being able to work with my hands and switch off every thought is a wonderful feeling. The total concentration, feeling immersed in another world, being in the moment, is a feeling I hope to give visitors.”




Master planning
Strategic consultancy
Concept and visualisations
Content strategy
Cost estimations
Fundraising consultancy
Evaluation and impact assessment


Art/Creative direction
Spatial design
Graphic design
Content development
Catalogues and publicity


Art/Creative direction
Production supervision
Script writing and storyboarding
Media direction
Graphic design / DTP
Project management
Contract management

Want to join us?

There are no vacancies at the moment. Stay tuned!