Exhibition designed by Kossmann.dejong gives rise to Israeli censorship

Israel has asked the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to stop funding the Jewish Museum in Berlin, according to reports by the German daily newspaper Die Tageszeitung and the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz last week. The reason is that the exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem ‘presents a Palestinian-Islamic perspective on the city’ according to Israel. (more…)


Design of Dutch pavilion for Dubai EXPO 2020 unveiled

The winning design for the Dutch pavilion was announced Sunday 9 December by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Dubai consortium. The pavilion has been designed as a closed-loop climate system in which private and business visitors will enjoy an intense sensorial experience. The Netherlands will be represented at Dubai EXPO 2020 by a standout pavilion that is not a building in the traditional sense, but a temporary climate system built using locally sourced materials. (more…)

News from Kossmann.dejong

An exhibition about truth and lies: ‘FAKE. The Whole Truth’ in the new museum Stapferhaus in Switzerland, the exciting new experience ‘Dealing with Drugs’ in the Maritime Museum about drug trafficking in the port of Rotterdam, and two dozen life-size photos by Thijs Wolzak in the new exhibition ‘Looking In’ in Design Museum Den Bosch. All these recently opened projects and more can be found in our newsletter.


Award news

Our projects ‘Canon of Dutch History‘ in the Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem and the ‘Museum for Communication‘ in Bern (CH) have been nominated for the World Interior News Awards 2018 in the category ‘Museums or Exhibition Spaces’. The winners will be announced during the annual WIN Awards ceremony in London on November 19th.

Experience ‘Dealing with Drugs’

Most drugs enter our society via the port of Rotterdam. In ‘Dealing with Drugs’, you will be confronted by serious choices to make, shocking facts and figures, and the impact that the drug trade has. (more…)

Exhibition ‘Looking In with Thijs Wolzak’

Between September 2011 and January 2018 Thijs Wolzak photographed the Dutch in their interior 248 times. The photo series was shown weekly in the popular section ‘Looking In’ in Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Design Museum Den Bosch will be showing a selection from this series from 13 October to 17 February 2019. The exhibition design is by Kossmann.dejong. (more…)


‘Things That Matter’ in Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Things That Matter is a new permanent exhibition at the Tropenmuseum about ‘important things and the importance of things’: objects of great personal significance that are closely related to the major social issues of today, such as migration and origin. The exhibition was opened July 12.

Kossmann.dejong welcomes new business director

Kossmann.dejong has appointed Benjamin Koolstra as their new business director. For years Benjamin led theaters and museums in Kampen, Nijmegen and Zwolle. From 2012 he has been developing new marketing and commercial initiatives for theaters, but also he continued to lead cultural institutions through change, acting as an interim director. Benjamin and Kossmann.dejong worked together in developing the concept and content of the new Municipal Museum Kampen (2009) and Museum Schokland (2014). Benjamin is succeeding Ellen Schindler, former partner and CEO, who has left Kossmann.dejong on 5 July.

Kossmann.dejong wins European Design Award

Kossmann.dejong won a silver European Design Award in Oslo on June 2nd for the presentation ‘Canon of Dutch History’. This multimedia presentation, with fifty themed windows providing a summary of Dutch history, has been on display in the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem since September 2017. (more…)


Award news again!

The Canon of Dutch History is nominated for the European Design Award! This Award is initiated by a group of people, made out of publishers, journalists, editors and academics, who gather, evaluate and acknowledge the best examples of communication design in Europe. Award Ceremony is 2 June in Oslo.


Director Historical Museum Frankfurt receives European culture award

We congratulate to Dr. Jan Gerchow, director of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt, for winning the KAIROS-Prize, a prominent European culture award! “Together with the team, he transformed the museum into a lively place of identification for the community of Frankfurt”, according to the judges. It was a great pleasure for Kossmann.dejong to be part of this team!


‘A World of Feathers’ travelled to Sweden

The exhibition A World of Feathers, previously on view in the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden and the Africa Museum in Berg en Dal, is now on view in Sweden! Kossmann.dejong has adjusted the design of A World of Feathers, so visitors can experience the splendour of feathers from up close in the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg and in the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm.


50,000 visitors in 5 months!

The new permanent exhibition that we designed for the Museum of Communication in Bern (CH) is highly successful. A record breaking number of 50,000 visitors in 5 months and the reviews from press and visitors are highly positive. The Swiss news website Blick wrote: “They show the most innovative museum concept from Switzerland in Bern: a mix of interactive experience stations, education via film- and sound installations and traditional showcases. Star of the exhibition is the film karaoke… Great fun!”



23 November 2019
‘Humania’ in NEMO Science Museum Amsterdam (NL)

20 October 2020
Dutch Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai (UAE)

November 2020
We The Curious, Bristol (UK)

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