At Kossmann.dejong we tell stories through well-designed spatial experiences. Our innovative narrative environments connect people, create memories, build skills and make places. Places of drama, entertainment and intellectual challenge. We are driven by telling stories that matter. We are not afraid to push boundaries, smash silos, be radical. Kissing with microbes, trading text for discovery; a shadow telling time. All that and more. We love it when people are free to be themselves in our spaces – to ask questions, to feel the weight and texture of the past, or catch glimpses of the future, to laugh, to tinker and create, to talk to friends or strangers. We think holistically and like to challenge the boundaries of an ‘exhibition’ as a medium. Mental illness meets art. Performance with artefacts. Exhibits on your phone, on the street. We value being open and transparent, to share knowledge from experts from different disciplines. We don’t shy away from the difficult conversations, from saying things that may shock, or amuse, delight or make people weep. We like to create the kind of spaces that are memorable because they hold people’s emotions. Because that is what stories that matter do. They move us all. And by all we mean people of all colors, religions, ethnicities, abilities, ages, sexualities, genders to feel at home in our spaces. Everyone deserves to be inspired and empowered. Without it costing the earth. Literally. We design for dismantling or for re-use, we track the materials we specify to make sure that they are sustainable. Our own business model puts sustainability at its core. Perpetual innovation is in our DNA. We experiment. Digital and physical. Technique as a tool, transformation as a goal. Our best work is with clients who are also our partners who dare to take risks. To create something great. Together. For others.