Exhibition ‘Looking In with Thijs Wolzak’

Between September 2011 and January 2018 Thijs Wolzak photographed the Dutch in their interior 248 times. The photo series was shown weekly in the popular section ‘Looking In’ in Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Design Museum Den Bosch will be showing a selection from this series from 13 October to 17 February 2019. The exhibition design is by Kossmann.dejong.

From the series a selection is made of 23 images that are presented in large format light boxes. The exhibition design by Kossmann.dejong reinforces two important qualities of the images. The photos contain many details that all tell their own story. By displaying each image in a large format, every living space becomes a treasure trove of discoveries. Also, because of the spatial effect of the photos the viewer has the feeling that he is standing in the doorway of a room and can walk in like that. This feeling is reinforced by the residents themselves who speak through audio handsets.

The exhibition also includes a book entitled Human Interior (Lecturis Publishers), with 50 photographs and texts by writer Arnon Grunberg and philosopher Coen Simon.