Kossmann.dejong wins European Design Award

Kossmann.dejong won a silver European Design Award in Oslo on June 2nd for the presentation ‘Canon of Dutch History’. This multimedia presentation, with fifty themed windows providing a summary of Dutch history, has been on display in the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem since September 2017.

The stories of ordinary people are the main focus within a spatial collage, for which Kossmann.dejong was responsible for the spatial and graphic design, and the visitor is able to experience the past in a vivid way.

‘By seeing all elements in the presentation as a means of communication, layered images of the past are created with numerous parallel perspectives on the subject. The imagination and empathy of the visitor are given free rein’, says Robert van der Linde, project leader at Kossmann.dejong. ‘You find yourself continuously reflecting on how something would have been in the past.’

Canon of Dutch History came about in collaboration with film and animation designer Redrum and interactive designer IJsfontein under the direction of art director Pieter van der Heijden from XPEX. 

European Design Awards
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