Visitor record and awards for FAKE. The Whole Truth

‘FAKE. The Whole Truth’ is a great succes! The exhibition is breaking visitor records, has been award a platinum MUSE Award and is nominated for the European Design award.

Want to find out what’s FAKE and what’s REAL? Visit the exhibition at the Stapferhaus in Lenzburg, Switzerland until november 2019.

Commissioned by Stapferhaus Lenzburg


Kossmann.dejong pleased with prestigious European Museum Prize for Museum für Kommunikation in Bern

On 9 April 2019, the Council of Europe handed out the Museum Prize 2019 to the Museum für Kommunikation in Bern, Switzerland. The award winning concept is designed by Kossmann.dejong (Amsterdam) in close cooperation with the museum. In the new permanent exhibition visitors are immersed in the fascinating and complex world of communication. During their visit, they will become aware of their own communication, the influence of big data and the ongoing communication revolution.


Chambers of Wonder reopens 23 February in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

After a partial renewal, Chambers of Wonder in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag will be open to the public again from 23 February. We were allowed to renew the successful Chambers of Wonder for the second time. A completely redesigned central core is the beginning and end of the museum game in which visitors are challenged to design their own Chamber of Wonder.


‘Longing for Mecca’ opens 15 February 2019 at Tropenmuseum

For almost a quarter of the world’s population, Mecca is the place where you must have been once in your life. This exhibition takes the visitor on a pilgrimage to this most important place on earth for many people. Step by step they are initiated into the world of the hajj. The exhibition ‘Longing for Mecca’ is on display from 15 February in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.


Projects with impact: Coral Triangle Center

We are commissioned by the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) in Bali to develop a concept for an interactive knowledge and meeting centre for one of the most important coral ecosystems in the world. Also Kossmann.dejong is supporting the CTC in its development through, among other things, providing exhibition and presentation advice.


Things That Matter in Tropenmuseum

Things That Matter is a new permanent exhibition at the Tropenmuseum about ‘important things and the importance of things’: objects of great personal significance that are closely related to the major social issues of today, such as migration and origin. The objects in this exhibition come from all over the world and incorporate stories that are equally meaningful in the Dutch context. In videos and audio fragments people talk about items of personal significance to them.


‘Looking in with Thijs Wolzak’ on show until 17 February 2019

The exhibition ‘Looking In with Thijs Wolzak’ can be seen in Design Museum Den Bosch until 17 February. From the series of interior photographs that Thijs Wolzak made for Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, a selection of 23 images on monumental light boxes is presented. A personal story of the residents has been added as an audio layer. Through this exhibition, visitors are stimulated not only to think about other people’s interior, but also about the choices and motives in their own habitat.


Exhibition designed by Kossmann.dejong gives rise to Israeli censorship

Israel has asked the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to stop funding the Jewish Museum in Berlin, according to reports by the German daily newspaper Die Tageszeitung and the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz last week. The reason is that the exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem ‘presents a Palestinian-Islamic perspective on the city’ according to Israel. (more…)


Design of Dutch pavilion for Dubai EXPO 2020 unveiled

The winning design for the Dutch pavilion was announced Sunday 9 December by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Dubai consortium. The pavilion has been designed as a closed-loop climate system in which private and business visitors will enjoy an intense sensorial experience. The Netherlands will be represented at Dubai EXPO 2020 by a standout pavilion that is not a building in the traditional sense, but a temporary climate system built using locally sourced materials. (more…)

News from Kossmann.dejong

An exhibition about truth and lies: ‘FAKE. The Whole Truth’ in the new museum Stapferhaus in Switzerland, the exciting new experience ‘Dealing with Drugs’ in the Maritime Museum about drug trafficking in the port of Rotterdam, and two dozen life-size photos by Thijs Wolzak in the new exhibition ‘Looking In’ in Design Museum Den Bosch. All these recently opened projects and more can be found in our newsletter.


Award news

Our projects ‘Canon of Dutch History‘ in the Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem and the ‘Museum for Communication‘ in Bern (CH) have been nominated for the World Interior News Awards 2018 in the category ‘Museums or Exhibition Spaces’. The winners will be announced during the annual WIN Awards ceremony in London on November 19th.

Experience ‘Dealing with Drugs’

Most drugs enter our society via the port of Rotterdam. In ‘Dealing with Drugs’, you will be confronted by serious choices to make, shocking facts and figures, and the impact that the drug trade has. (more…)

Exhibition ‘Looking In with Thijs Wolzak’

Between September 2011 and January 2018 Thijs Wolzak photographed the Dutch in their interior 248 times. The photo series was shown weekly in the popular section ‘Looking In’ in Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Design Museum Den Bosch will be showing a selection from this series from 13 October to 17 February 2019. The exhibition design is by Kossmann.dejong. (more…)


‘Things That Matter’ in Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Things That Matter is a new permanent exhibition at the Tropenmuseum about ‘important things and the importance of things’: objects of great personal significance that are closely related to the major social issues of today, such as migration and origin. The exhibition was opened July 12.

Kossmann.dejong welcomes new business director

Kossmann.dejong has appointed Benjamin Koolstra as their new business director. For years Benjamin led theaters and museums in Kampen, Nijmegen and Zwolle. From 2012 he has been developing new marketing and commercial initiatives for theaters, but also he continued to lead cultural institutions through change, acting as an interim director. Benjamin and Kossmann.dejong worked together in developing the concept and content of the new Municipal Museum Kampen (2009) and Museum Schokland (2014). Benjamin is succeeding Ellen Schindler, former partner and CEO, who has left Kossmann.dejong on 5 July.

Kossmann.dejong wins European Design Award

Kossmann.dejong won a silver European Design Award in Oslo on June 2nd for the presentation ‘Canon of Dutch History’. This multimedia presentation, with fifty themed windows providing a summary of Dutch history, has been on display in the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem since September 2017. (more…)


Award news again!

The Canon of Dutch History is nominated for the European Design Award! This Award is initiated by a group of people, made out of publishers, journalists, editors and academics, who gather, evaluate and acknowledge the best examples of communication design in Europe. Award Ceremony is 2 June in Oslo.


Director Historical Museum Frankfurt receives European culture award

We congratulate to Dr. Jan Gerchow, director of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt, for winning the KAIROS-Prize, a prominent European culture award! “Together with the team, he transformed the museum into a lively place of identification for the community of Frankfurt”, according to the judges. It was a great pleasure for Kossmann.dejong to be part of this team!


‘A World of Feathers’ travelled to Sweden

The exhibition A World of Feathers, previously on view in the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden and the Africa Museum in Berg en Dal, is now on view in Sweden! Kossmann.dejong has adjusted the design of A World of Feathers, so visitors can experience the splendour of feathers from up close in the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg and in the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm.


50,000 visitors in 5 months!

The new permanent exhibition that we designed for the Museum of Communication in Bern (CH) is highly successful. A record breaking number of 50,000 visitors in 5 months and the reviews from press and visitors are highly positive. The Swiss news website Blick wrote: “They show the most innovative museum concept from Switzerland in Bern: a mix of interactive experience stations, education via film- and sound installations and traditional showcases. Star of the exhibition is the film karaoke… Great fun!”


‘Welcome to Jerusalem’ in Jewish Museum Berlin open!

Kossmann.dejong takes visitors on a journey of discovery through Jerusalem in the new exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem in the Jewish Museum Berlin. “A very exciting and informative approach on the complex history and the multi-layered character of Jerusalem”, as described by the German Minister of Culture and Media.


In New York for the AAP Interior Design Firm of the Year Award!

We feel honoured to show our AAP Interior Design Firm of the Year 2017 Award that we received during the award ceremony of the American Architecture Prize in New York! “This international award is highly appreciated because it not only affirms our work but also the growing field of narrative design”, says co-founder Herman Kossmann. Read more here.

Historical Museum Frankfurt open!

The Historical Museum Frankfurt has been officially opened! During the opening the large snow dome that Kossmann.dejong designed as well as the city model by artist Herman Helle in the exhibition ‘Frankfurt Now!’ attracted a lot of enthusiastic visitors.


Micropia awarded ‘Project of Influence 2017’!

Micropia, world’s first microbe museum at Artis zoo Amsterdam, has been announced as the ‘Project of Influence 2017’ at The Best in Heritage Conference in Dubrovnik. This annual global conference is organized by Europa Nostra, dedicated to promoting professional excellence in heritage professions. The president of the conference, Professor Tomislav Šola, praised the use of state of the art technology in Micropia which makes the invisible world visible and brings micro-organisms closer to the audience. “Micropia shows that a complex subject as microorganisms could change people’s perspectives, but could also be fun”, according to Šola.


Celebrating the opening of the ‘Canon of Dutch History’

The new permanent exhibition ‘Canon of Dutch History’ has been opened last weekend at the Holland Open Air Museum. Kossmann.dejong designed this exhibition as a theatrical, interactive film set. A spatial collage of historic icons is interwoven with stories from everyday people, giving visitors an in-depth experience of the past from today’s perspective.


Offshore Experience & Lounge2 Shortlisted for the 2017 WIN Awards!

We are very pleased to share the news that two of our projects have been shortlisted for the 2017 World Interior News Awards. The winners of each category will be named, and the World Interior of the Year will be selected from these at the awards ceremony in February 2018. We will be looking forward to the results!

Public Sector Category Shortlist: Lounge2 Schiphol

Museum/Exhibition Spaces Category Shortlist: Offshore Experience Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Museum of Communication officially opened!

The Museum of Communication in Bern, Switzerland, has been opened after a complete transformation. In the new permanent exhibition designed by Kossmann.dejong visitors delve into the fascinating, complex world of communication. Through interactive displays, surprising objects, large-scale projections and museum staff in the role of ‘communicators’ visitors are invited to explore the subject of communication in all its facets and, at the same time, apply it in real life.


Interior Design Firm of the Year!

Kossmann.dejong is honoured to have been awarded the 2017 Firm of the Year Award | Interior Design by the jury of the prestigious American Architecture Prize. This award is a testament to the success of our multi-disciplinary approach of transforming spaces into opportunities for stories and social connections.

The best design comes from collaboration and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the vast network of curators, architects, engineers, light, UX, UI and sound designers, landscape designers, fabricators, writers, media producers, data analysts, artists, craftspeople, film makers, historians, scientists, psychologists, educators and more whom we have worked with over the past 30 years and whose creative, technical and strategic visions have enhanced our own. Not least- we thank our clients who have given us the space to take risks and the people who live, create, work, and discover in our places. Read more here.

Kossmann.dejong involved in plans for Healthy Urban Quarter Utrecht

The competition organized by the Utrecht’s city council to transform the neighbourhood of Utrecht Station into a Healthy Urban Quarter has been won by the development consortium of G&S Vastgoed and KondorWessels. Their plan ‘Wonderwoods’ includes amongst others the publicly accessible Playlab, which will be designed in collaboration with Kossmann.dejong. Playlab will be an inspiring place for all ages at the cutting edge of technology (virtual reality and 3D), visual arts and pop culture.


We got snapped

Our photographer Thijs Wolzak has made a new picture of the complete Kossmann.dejong team in our office in Amsterdam. Here’s the result.

New Experience & Innovation Center for Bolidt

Getting immersed in the world of synthetic flooring, marine decking and surface courses… Together with Lüchinger Architects and RoosRos Architecten, Kossmann.dejong has been asked to design a new Experience & Innovation Centre for Bolidt, a Dutch family firm specialized in cast floors and synthetic applications. Visitors will get a unique insight into Bolidt’s DNA and can discover the numerous possibilities of synthetics. The first pile has been driven, completion is planned end of 2018. 


Kossmann.dejong in new book Frame Publishers

Two of our projects, National Military Museum and Micropia, are featured in the new book by Frame Publishers! ‘Happening 2’ covers over 60 stunning spectacles that leave lasting impressions. Click here for more information.

Exhibition ‘Mary’ opened!

Mary, the most represented woman in the world, takes center stage in the new largest exhibition ever in Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht (NL). Kossmann.dejong designed the temporary exhibition as an inspiring journey, taking visitors to higher realms.


Again visitors record for Kossmann.dejong

After a new visitors record for ‘The Buddha’ at the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, and last month the highest amount of visitors ever in the Maritime Museum Rotterdam for Offshore Experience, Kossmann.dejong has designed again a record breaking exhibition: never before has Tropenmuseum Junior attracted as many visitors as with ZieZo Marokko! Read the article in Het Parool here.


Heading offshore in the new Offshore Experience

The new Offshore Experience that we designed for the Maritime Museum Rotterdam has been officially opened by the Dutch president-director of Shell. An immersive, interactive experience, in which visitors are heading offshore to search for energy and by doing so to discover the extreme challenges that companies and workers face on a daily basis. (Photo: Marco de Swart)


International award for ZieZo Marokko!

During the award ceremony of the International Design & Communication Awards (IDCA) in Québec, Canada, we received a silver award for ZieZo Marokko in the category ‘Best Scenography for a Temporary Exhibition’. Together with Tropenmuseum Junior in Amsterdam, we turned a museum visit into a total immersive, theatrical experience: children and families are taken on a journey of discovery through an almost real Moroccan medina.


From palace to paradise: Eden Soestdijk

The Soestdijk Estate will be transformed into Eden Soestdijk; an experimental garden for a sustainable society and a paradise destination for all. That is the plan developed by the Eden Soestdijk foundation, Mecanoo architecten, Kossmann.dejong and Royal HaskoningDHV in response to the redevelopment competition for the Palace organised by the Dutch government. The redevelopment of the Soestijk estate has a social purpose in creating a more sustainable society. An educative journey will touch all the visitors’ senses, triggering them to become more aware and conscious of the earth’s fragility. Eden Soestdijk has international appeal and will be an economic, educative and cultural asset to the Netherlands.


Design for Royal Air Force Museum continues

It’s a go! Kossmann.dejong has been commissioned to design the exhibition ‘Now and the Future’ for the Royal Air Force Museum in London. Now officially confirmed by a grant of £4.6million from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Vote for Lounge 2 – nominated SBID International Design Award

We are very excited to announce that Lounge 2 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a Public Space Design Finalist for the SBID International Design Awards! Winners will be announced 25th November 2016. This award is open to a public vote! Have you visited Lounge 2 this summer? Have a look at our design and pass your vote here.


Last chance ‘The Buddha’

‘The Buddha’ is only on view until this Sunday 14 August in the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden (NL). Visitors will be taken on a pilgrimage along the most important Buddhist countries across the world where Buddhism had meaning in the past, and where it is still very much alive today. A enlightening experience. So don’t miss out!


Lecture Dutch Masters Pakhuis de Zwijger

A special lecture in the Dutch Masters series Thursday 14 July 20.00 at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam: Herman Kossmann and Mark de Jong will meet Lotte Meijer, a talented interactive and user experience designer, and exchange thoughts about the future physical and digital world. Let’s catch up! Book your seat here. (Lecture in Dutch)

Video shows different worlds in Lounge 2

Because Lounge 2 is located behind the customs of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can’t just go there to see what we designed. However, this video, made during the opening of Lounge 2, takes you on an adventurous journey through Lounge 2 and gives you an impression of the seven different thematic worlds.


Lounge 2 is open!

The completely renewed Lounge 2 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been officially opened today! Kossmann.dejong designed the interior of this 16,000 m2 lounge. We created seven different thematic world, where travellers can relax, meet each other and where special storytelling design features deliver a surprising experience. Lounge 2 is now part of the travel adventure.


Herengracht Industrie Prijs 2016

“Kossmann.dejong managed to create a diversity of interiors with different atmospheres and characters in this ‘Mies van der Rohe-like box’. Also clear storylines and wayfinding are realised. The presentation of historical subjects in a contemporary, innovative way is impressive.” Although Kossmann.dejong didn’t win the Herengracht Industry Prize [NL: Herengracht Industrie Prijs] for the design of the National Military Museum, we received words full of praise from the jury. Read the full jury report here (Dutch).


Micropia wins another prestigious award

For the second time in two weeks, Micropia is awarded an eminent European museum award. Recently Micropia won the Kenneth Hudson Award for the most innovative museum, now the European Museum Academy honours Micropia with the DASA Award 2016. The international jury: “Micropia is a model of the 21st century museum”. Read the full jury report here.


New exhibit of dead giraffe calf in Micropia

Kossmann.dejong designed a new, intriguing exhibit that is revealed in Micropia today! ‘Crucial cleaners’ shows how microbes break down the body of a dead giraffe calf. When an animal dies, microbes break down the carcass, returning fundamental biological building materials to the ecosystem and completing the circle of life. The exhibit is now highlighting the indispensable role played by microbes in death. 


In the shop window

Look, the catalogue ‘Living in the Amsterdam School’ (Thoth Publishers) we designed for the exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum, is now in the spotlight at the Athenaeum bookstore in Amsterdam!


A huge time machine

The schematic design of the new exhibition ‘Canon of Dutch History’ is presented in the Open Air Museum in Arnhem (NL). Kossmann.dejong designed together with IJsfontein and RedRum an exhibition as an interactive time machine in the new entrance pavilion. Through animations, games, films and objects the ‘Canon’ will be brought to life. Visitors will step into the shoes of some main characters of Dutch history to experience how people lived in the past. This movie gives you already an impression.


NMM nominated Dutch Museum Award

The National Military Museum in Soesterberg is nominated for the Dutch Museum Award 2016! This annual award is one of the biggest cultural public awards in the Netherlands. This year’s theme is war/resistance museums. Help to win and vote here.

Renders become reality

Lounge 2 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is beginning to take shape. Now the opening is getting closer, our renders are becoming reality. Also curious? Watch the video here.




Business director of the National Museum of World Cultures Stijn Schoonderwoerd opened the new temporary exhibition THE BUDDHA in the presence of Buddhist monks in the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden (NL) last Thursday. The first visitors went on pilgrimage through the exhibition, designed as a journey through the most important Buddhist countries of the world, full of stories and special artefacts .


Step into our ‘Engaging Spaces’

“Kossmann.dejong knows how to address the significance of an exhibition in a compelling, spatial way, from overall view to specific details”. We are pleased with these kind words from the jury of the Harrie Tillieprijs, that has been awarded yesterday in the Cuypershuis in Roermond (NL). Winner of the award was Atelier Van Lieshout, but all five nominees show their work in a special exhibition. Kossmann.dejong invites the visitor to step into one of the ‘engaging spaces’ to find out more about the work of the studio.

Read more…

Designing new exhibition Royal Air Force Museum

“We are thrilled and honoured to design the ‘Now and the Future’ exhibition and collaborate with such a renowned institute as the Royal Air Force”, says Mark de Jong, creative director of Kossmann.dejong. To mark the Centenary of the RAF in 2018, the Royal Air Force Museum is undertaking an ambitious programme to transform the London site into a world-class National Museum. Kossmann.dejong will design an exhibition that focuses on the future of the RAF.


Micropia Best of Year Honoree

Micropia received a Best of Year (BOY) Honoree Award in the category ‘Exhibit’ during a festive event in New York! The award celebrates the interior design industry’s best projects and products across a spectrum of categories. Winner of the ‘Exhibit’ category is ON OFF Plus from Inspiration Group in Guangzhou.


Architecture award for NMM

Felix Claus Dick van Wageningen Architecten have been awarded the Abe Bonnema Architecture Award 2015 for the design of the National Military Museum in Soesterberg (NL). According to the jury, the building provides ‘an excellent entourage to get in dialogue with the audience about piece, freedom and safety’. The jury is impressed by the art of engineering of the whole design team, through which one gesamtkunstwerk has been realised. Read the full jury report here (Dutch).


Newsletter published!

Curious to get to know the latest news from Kossmann.dejong? Scan the QR-code or click here to read our newsletter.

Filling Pierre Cuypers’ shoes

Kossmann.dejong is nominated for the Dutch ‘Harrie Tillieprijs’. This prize is awarded once in two years by the municipality of Roermond to a contemporary designer who’s work is linking to the interior designs of the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. The award criteria, like craftmanship, persuasion of content, originality and social engagement, are matching his oeuvre. The other award nominees are Aldo Bakker, Atelier Van Lieshout, …,staat, and Christien Meindertsma. There will be a special exhibition dedicated to the nominees in the Cuypershuis in Roermond (NL) from 13 December 2015 until 13 March 2016.

Read more

Ellen Schindler guest editor Dude

“To make it happen” is on the cover of the new issue of the Dutch Designers Magazine Dude. It is the device of Ellen Schindler – partner and CEO at Kossmann.dejong – invited to be the guest editor of this autumn edition. Schindler talks about personal growth, entrepreneurship and business education. ‘Entrepreneurship is something that needs to grow’, says Ellen, ‘in the end, it is almost a kind of game, and it’s a game that can be learned.’ To read the full magazine, click here

Dutch Public Archaeology Prize for Time Stairs

The Time Stairs in the Markthal in Rotterdam (NL) has been awarded the Dutch Public Archaeology Prize 2015! Kossmann.dejong has used the stairwell to design a journey through time. Abstract graphic prints show the different layers of soil visitors move through and the spaces underneath the escalators have been transformed into exhibition vitrines. The exhibition is visible to the general public for free.


‘ZieZo Marokko’ now open!

Last Friday October 16th Jet Bussemaker, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, opened the new children’s exhibition ‘Ziezo Marokko’ in Tropenmuseum Junior in Amsterdam (NL). Kossmann.dejong designed the exhibition as an interactive exploration, in which children and families are taken on an exciting tour of discovery through Morocco. During the joyful opening ceremony guests got a sneak preview and could board the plane to Morocco to experience the unique adventure that Kossmann.dejong created in which all senses are stimulated.



Kossmann.dejong in the spotlight at Hands On! Conference

Today Queen Máxima of the Netherlands will open the international Hands On! Conference, focussing on the development of children’s education in museums. During the conference, taking place from 13-16 October in Amsterdam, Kossmann.dejong invites participants to get inspired by the children’s exhibitions we designed. Participants can join a museum study tour to one of our projects such as ‘ZieZo Marokko’ in  Tropenmuseum Junior, attend the lecture of Herman Kossmann and Jet van Overeem on the Wonderkamers, visit Kossmann.dejong at the inspiration market or schedule an appointment with Ellen Schindler. Click here to find the programme.

Jubilee exhibition Het Dolhuys open!

Today ‘De Maakbare Mens’ [UK: Manmade Man] opens to the public in Het Dolhuys in Haarlem (Netherlands). The museum celebrates it’s 10th anniversary with this special jubilee exhibition. Ten years ago, Kossmann.dejong already designed the permanent presentation of the museum that is still on view. Now the studio is also responsible for the spatial and graphic design of ‘De Maakbare Mens’. In this new temporary exhibition the discussion about the artificiality of the human being, about being perfect or blemished, about image and self-image takes center stage.


Award season

Earlier this month, the exhibition design of Micropia from Kossmann.dejong was announced as one of the finalist of the SBID International Design Awards 2015. Now the office also made it to the shortlist of the FX International Interior Design Awards 2015 with the design of world’s first microbe zoo. In addition, the National Military Museum in Soesterberg (NL) has been nominated for the international Design Week Awards in the category Exhibition Design. Kossmann.dejong feels honoured to receive all these nominations. The winners of the three awards will be announced end of November 2015.

Ellen Schindler speaker Graphic Design Festival Breda

Ellen Schindler, partner | CEO Kossmann.dejong, will be giving a lecture at 100SEATS at the Graphic Design Festival in Breda on Wednesday 7th of October. During this evening, organised by the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), professionals will discuss their rol as actor, journalist, scientist or catalyst. Ellen Schindler will present about her work at Kossmann.dejong and she will share her experiences about leading a business in the creative sector. Lectures will be in Dutch. 

More information:

New exhibit in Micropia revealed

Last week the new interactive exhibit ‘gladiators of the greenhouse’ is revealed in Micropia. This exhibit shows to a broad audience how microscopically small insect hunters, so-called nematodes, are being used to protect organic crops. Via a special designed 3D-microscope with joystick attached, developed in collaboration with ART+COM Studios, the visitor can get real life views of these nematodes in action and an interactive screen offers more in-depth information about this innovative way of the use of natural remedies. ‘Gladiators of the greenhouse’ is supported by BASF, the largest nematode producer worldwide.


Micropia finalist international design award!

Micropia is announced as one of the finalists of the SBID International Design Awards 2015 in the category ‘Public Space’. This annual prize is awarded to interior projects that outshine in both technical content and aesthetic creativity. Besides a panel of judges, also the opinion of the public counts. So are you also full of enthusiasm about world’s first microbe museum, please vote via
The winner will be announced during a special award ceremony in London at the end of November.


New website!

We are proud to present our new website! Offering ample space for (moving) images, the site invites you to go and explore. Simultaneously we are introducing a new, crisp house style and a new logo.

Journey through time in Open Air Museum

Kossmann.dejong has been selected to provide the spatial and graphic design for the ‘Canon of Dutch History’ at the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem. The new interactive exhibition will be realised in the entrance pavilion, which is designed by Mecanoo. The dome called ‘HollandRama’ will be transformed into a multi-media time machine. The ‘Canon of Dutch History’ will open to the public in 2017.


‘ZieZo Marokko’ under construction

Kossmann.dejong is designing a new interactive exhibition for the Tropenmuseum Junior Amsterdam: ‘ZieZo Marokko’. By way of an interactive adventure children are led through the alleys and passages of a Moroccan medina. By opening doors, for instance, they can enter a fashion souk or a fragrant kitchen. Famous Dutch Moroccans recount their personal experiences in guest rooms they have designed themselves. The opening of ‘ZieZo Marokko’ will take place in October 2015.


American entertainment award for Wonderkamers

Wonderkamers in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag has been awarded a THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement. With this annual prize the American Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) acknowledges the best attractions in the entertainment industries worldwide. According to the jury: “The blend of art, storytelling, themed environments and gaming elements makes Wonderkamers unique within the world of art museums. The creators did a great job in blending all these elements together into one experience.


Micropia ‘Highly Commended’ Museums + Heritage Awards

During the awards ceremony in London (UK), Micropia was ‘Highly Commended’ by the specialist jury at the Museums + Heritage Awards for Excellence 2015. The world’s first microbe zoo was one of five  for this prestigious museum prize in the ‘International Award’ category. This international acknowledgement is the crowning achievement of an intense collaboration process to make the invisible world of micro-organisms visible for a large audience in an interactive way.


European museum prize for Maritime Museum Helsingør

The National Maritime Museum in Helsingør (DK) received a ‘Special commendation’ because of its creativity, high level of museological interpretation and professionalism during the Luigi Micheletti Award ceremony in Italy. According to the jury of this prestigious museum prize, the National Maritime Museum provides “a strong personal experience induced by an emphasis on storytelling with the help of high performance multimedia and interactive displays. The museum has broadened the traditional themes of a maritime museum and brought into focus additional aspects of the life and work of people who earn their living at sea.


‘Geisha’ extended

Never before a temporary exhibition in the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden (NL) attracted as many visitors as the exhibition ‘Geisha’. Already more than 85.000 people visited the exhibition about this controversial phenomenon and style icon from Japan’s elite culture. Because of this success ‘Geisha’ is extended for more than 1,5 month until 25 May 2015.


A lot of attention for NMM

The National Military Museum in Soesterberg has attracted ample attention in recent months. The museum, which opened at the end of last year, received special positive attention in the national and international press with features in, among other platforms, ‘Mark magazine’, the German ‘AIT magazine’ and ‘Bauwelt‘ and the Dutch magazines ‘De Architect’ and ‘Museumvisie’. Visitor numbers exceed all expectations; the target of 200.000 visitors a year has been reached already.


Come in during Architecture Day Amsterdam

The Vinke & Co building at De Ruyterkade 107 in Amsterdam, in which Kossmann.dejong’s offices are located, has an interesting history. The premises were completely refurbished by architect Marius Duintjer in 1955. He added a fully glazed canteen on the top floor, a flagpole with illuminated signage and a stairwell with stained glass windows produced by Bogtman manufactury in Haarlem. Kossmann.dejong will have these windows, which depict the history of the Vinke & Co shipping company, reconstructed with special foil. The building will be accessible during special tours on 21 June, Architecture Day Amsterdam.


Today official opening National Military Museum

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander opens the new National Military Museum in Soesterberg today. Kossmann.dejong has developed the concept for this vast museum, which encompasses two different exhibition environments. On the one hand a large ‘daylight museum’ on the ground floor, where the emphasis is on the museum’s extensive collection. On the other hand ‘black box’ on the first floor, a darkened thematic space intended primarily for story-telling. In a unique collaboration process the building, its interior and the surrounding landscape have been designed simultaneously and coherently


New partner

Ellen Schindler has become a partner in Kossmann.dejong. This makes her the third partner in the company, alongside its founders Herman Kossmann and Mark de Jong. Ellen Schindler started working at Kossmann.dejong in 2005. She studied Interior Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and subsequently Arts and Culture Studies at the Erasmus University. She has worked at renowned agencies like Mecanoo architects and West 8. Within the context of Kossmann.dejong Ellen is Business Director.

Kossmann.dejong designs Lounge 2 Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has started with a complete overhaul of its Lounge 2, Schiphol’s largest departure hall with a total floor space of 15.000 m2. In collaboration with Benthem Crouwel Architects, who are responsible for the architectural design of the lounge, Kossmann.dejong has designed the interior: this comprises a new airport concept with seven entirely different ‘worlds’. The aim is to design an internationally distinguished lounge, where passengers can spend time, meet and explore.


Two designs for new Naturalis

Naturalis in Leiden (NL) is in the process of a radical redesign of its building and its exhibitions. The new building, designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects, will contain nine thematic exhibitions, two of which will be designed by Kossmann.dejong. One will focus on the diversity of life on earth and the wealth of nature, the other will focus on the topic of ‘death’.

Shower of awards

On 19 November it was announced that Kossmann.dejong’s design for the Wonder Rooms at Gemeentemuseum The Hague (NL) will be awarded a prestigious, international entertainment prize: the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement. In addition, Wonder Rooms has also received the most important prize in the Dutch gaming industry, the Dutch Game Award 2014, category Best Applied Game Design. Previously Wonder Rooms was already winner of the International Design and Communication Award in Sydney (Australia). The permanent display at the National Maritime Museum in Denmark, also designed by Kossmann.dejong, received a silver award there.


‘Longing for Mecca’ permanent in Leiden

Kossmann.dejong has been invited by the National Museum of Ethnology to embed the temporary exhibition ‘Longing for Mecca – The Pilgrim’s Journey’ in the museum’s permanent display. The exhibition, which ran between September 2013 and March 2014, attracted a very diverse audience: from dedicated to less experienced museum visitors, and more specifically members of the Muslim community. Therefore the museum was also recently awarded the Museum Award 2014 of the province of Zuid-Holland.


Kossmann.dejong in The Blue Book

The Blue Book was initiated by MuseumINSIDER, a website with information about museum and heritage projects in the UK and Europa. The Blue Book comprises a series of six digital publications, compiled especially for procurement managers and project specifiers in the museum and heritage sector. As lead sponsor of The Blue Book Volume 03, which is dedicated to museum design, Kossmann.dejong’s work features extensively.

In addition

The successful exhibition ‘Hail the People – Indigenous people photographed by Jimmy Nelson’, which was exhibited earlier in the year at the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, has a sequel. Kossmann.dejong has adapted the presentation for the Africa Museum in Berg en Dal (NL), where the photo exhibition can be seen until spring 2015.


Micropia open!

Queen Máxima has opened Micropia on Tuesday 30 September. Micropia is an exhibition in which the invisible world of micro-organisms has been made visible. It is located in the renovated Members’ Rooms (1870) along the new Artis Square in Amsterdam. Together with the Micropia project team, the German media design agency ART+COM Studios and a team of experts, Kossmann.dejong was responsible for the concept and design of this exceptional exhibition.


Experience history in the Markthal

A day following the opening of Micropia Queen Máxima also opened the Markthal in Rotterdam. The exhibition ‘The Time Stairs’, located in the escalator section, was designed by Kossmann.dejong. Surrounded by abstract graphic prints of layers of soil, visitors descend into the parking garage. Museum vitrines display archeological finds excavated during the digging out of the parking garage, offering an interesting journey through time.


‘GEISHA’ in National Museum of Ethnology

Previous collaborations between the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden (NL) and Kossmann.dejong have led to internationally acclaimed exhibitions, including ‘The Story of the Totem Pole’ and ‘Longing for Mecca’. This fruitful collaboration continues with the exhibition ‘GEISHA’, in which visitors encounter this most controversial phenomenon and style icon of Japanese elite culture. ‘GEISHA’ is now open to the public.


Official moment in Taipei

Kossmann.dejong’s final designs for four new museums in Taipei’s City Museum Park (Taiwan) have been officially approved by the Mayor and the Cultural Department of the City of Taipei. Following the many plaudits received we are now working towards the next step in the realization of the central museum, a tunnel, the literature museum and the culinary museum.


Wonder Rooms finalist Cinekid Festival

During the annual Cinekid Festival prizes are awarded for the best film, television and new media productions for children. From an international cohort of new games, creative apps, and mixed media installation, Wonder Rooms finished in the top 3 of Best New Media Productions.


Kossmann.dejong awarded

Kossmann.dejong has received several awards during the International Design Awards (IDA) 2013, which aims to recognise, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries worldwide. They include two golden IDA Awards (Interior Other category) for ‘The Dead Sea Scrolls’ and ‘Longing for Mecca’. The National Maritime Museum in Helinsgør not only received a silver IDA Award, but is also nominated for the SBID International Design Award 2014 (Public Space category) and an FX International Interior Design Award (Museum / Exhibition Space category). The winners of these prestigious awards will be announced in London in November.


In addition

Herman Kossmann will deliver a lecture on ‘Making Narrative Environments’ during the Raumwelten 2014 conference in Ludwigsburg (Germany) on 24 October. Raumwelten is an international platform for scenography, architecture and media.

The National Military Museum in Soesterberg is in the final phase of realisation. Kossmann.dejong has worked hard on the development and implementation of the display of this unique museum since January 2011, attempting to convey the rich history of the army in an exciting way. The official opening will take place on 11 December, and the museum will be open to the public from 13 December.

Eight months after its opening, the National Maritime Museum in Denmark has welcomed its 100,000th visitor, which was much earlier than expected. The permanent display is a popular destination for school classes and forms an important addition to the tourist attractions in Helsingør.

The touring exhibition ‘SUPERMODELS’, initiated by Concern to promote Dutch design worldwide, can be seen during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in Deerns’ offices. As part of the project Kossmann.dejong has designed a diorama for the Dutch Design (Doll) House. Previously ‘SUPERMODELS’ travelled to Tbilisi (Georgia), where the exhibition at the Dutch Embassy was a success.

SEGD Merit Award for ‘ Longing for Mecca’

At the SEGD Global Design Awards 2014 in Atlanta (USA) Kossmann.dejong has received the Merit Award in the Exhibitions category for the design of the temporary exhibition ‘Longing for Mecca – A pilgrim’s Journey’. The SEGD Global Design Awards focus on experiential graphic design in the built environment.


European museum prize for KAAP SKIL

KAAP SKIL, museum of beachcombers & sailors, received a Special Commendation at the annual Luigi Micheletti Award ceremony, the European prize for innovative museums in the world of industry, science and technics. According to the jury: “This museum deserves a Special Commendation for its creativity and high level of museological interpretation.” Kossmann.dejong designed the exhibitions and the museum interior, while Mecanoo architects was responsible for the design of the entrance building.


International recognition Wonder Rooms

The Museums + Heritage Awards in London (UK) recently labelled the Wonder Rooms at the Municipal Museum in The Hague as ‘Highly Commended’. In the category International, the Wonder Rooms are considered one of the most inspiring visitor projects in the museum and heritage sector.



Early June the touring exhibition ‘SUPERMODELS’, initiated by Concern and aimed to promote Dutch design worldwide, was on show at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. As part of the project Kossmann.dejong has designed a diorama in the Dutch Design (Doll) House. Previously ‘SUPERMODELS’ was on show in Milan, and in the future it will tour to London, Berlin, Chicago and Washington, among other cities.

On view

The photo exhibition ‘HAIL THE PEOPLE!’ will be on show until 7 September at the National Ethnographic Museum in Leiden. Visitors will find themselves face to face with indigenous people who live in the most remote places on earth, captured in recent years by top photographer Jimmy Nelson.

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The University Museum Utrecht, which has recently been nominated as the most ‘child proof’ museum in Utrecht province, currently shows ‘Down to the Bone’. Young and old are being challenged to proactively explore the world of the vertebrates.

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Groundbreaking Taipei City Museum Park

At the end of May Herman Kossmann and Martin Saemmer visited Taipei (TW) to inaugurate the Taipei City Museum Park, together with other parties involved. Four new museums are to be realised in the park, which is located in the city centre. Kossmann.dejong is responsible for the museums’ concepts and the exhibition design for the central museum, two tunnels, the literature museum and the food museum.


New concept for Coral Triangle Center in Bali

Kossmann.dejong has been invited by the Coral Triangle Center to develop the concept for an interactive knowledge and meeting centre for one of the world’s most important coral ecosystems: the Coral Triangle. This new centre is to become the new HQ for all of CTC’s activities.


Opening photo exhibition Jimmy Nelson

The exhibition ’Hail the people!’, designed by Kossmann.dejong, will open on 12 April 2014 at the National Museum for Ethnology in Leiden. Visitors can mentally join top photographer Jimmy Nelson on his travels, and will encounter indigenous people from all over the world face to face.


Museum für Kommunikation selects Kossmann.dejong

The Museum für Kommunikation [Museum for Communications] in Bern (Switzerland) has commissioned Kossmann.dejong to design a comprehensive refurbishment of the museum’s permanent display. The new overview exhibition is slated to open for the public in autumn 2016.


Supermodels: Kossmann.dejong travels the world with design dollhouse

Kossmann.dejong has designed a diorama for a dollhouse that is part of the travelling exhibition ‘Supermodels’, initiated by Concern. The Netherlands’ best product design, architecture and interior designs will be brought together in this exhibition, which aims to show the wealth and diversity of Dutch Design.

The launch takes place during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, 8–13 April.

In addition

During the international ‘Re-Envisioning Exhibition Design’ forum, which will take place between 25 and 27 April 2014 in London, Herman Kossmann is one of the speakers. This year’s topic is ‘Chaos at the Museum, Designing for Audience Participation’.

Kossmann.dejong has managed to receive two out of five nominations for the London Design Week Award 2014 in de category Exhibition Design. Both Wonderkamers 2.0 in the Municipal Museum The Hague and the National Maritime Museum in Denmark have been shortlisted. The three other nominees are Michael Grubb Studio, Real Studios and Stanton Williams. The winner will be announced on 15 May 2014.

In Frame’s ‘Top 10 Exhibition Design’, Kossmann.dejong has ended up second for the new National Maritime Museum in Helsingør (Denmark).

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