Renewed Maritime Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland

After designing maritime museums for Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Helsingør (Denmark), Kossmann.dejong designed the renewed Maritime Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland. The first exhibition ‘Fish & folk – 150 years of fisheries‘ at the Reykjavík Maritime Museum is about the history of the Icelandic fisheries. 

This rich history is told from the perspective of Iceland’s biggest fishing port, Reykjavík. The Maritime Museum’s setting is an appropriate one, as the building once housed a flourishing fish factory. This relevant context has been direct inspiration for the design: tiled walls, tubs and plastic pallets form the setting for the diverse objects, from the smallest hook and fish tag, to massive mechanised fish skinners and herring brailers.

Rich visuals, both photographs and film, create a vibrant mood in the exhibition and deepen the visitor experience. They can watch and listen to interviews with experts – mariners, marine biologists and fish factory workers – and old records from the fisheries in earlier times are also included. A range of interactive screens and games encourage participation, and various unusual features capture the attention and imagination, such as an enormous tower of dried saltfish and a tub full of less-desirable curiosities fished from the sea: plastic and other waste.