Exhibition ‘The Most Beautiful City’ opened at Amsterdam Museum

The temporary exhibition ‘The Most Beautiful City: Amsterdam through the eyes of Eberhard van der Laan’ is about the growth of the city of Amsterdam. Closing date is 4 November 2018. 

We all have a huge problem – we live in the most beautiful and the finest city in the world,’ said Eberhard van der Laan (1955-2017), mayor of Amsterdam and guest curator of this exhibition.

Amsterdam has expanded dramatically in recent years. More work, more residents, more tourists, more new builds. But also busier streets, more pressure on the housing market, more nuisance. Van der Laan called it a major expansion. Not for the first time: Amsterdam’s growth has always gone in leaps and bounds. In this exhibition Van der Laan looks back on periods of rapid growth in the past. Never without growing pains, but with his favorite city as the result. He chose the photographs and objects from the collections of the Amsterdam Museum and the Amsterdam City Archives.

The exhibition is presented with scaffolding and scaffolding, symbolizing that the city is never finished and always under construction.

Earlier, Kossmann.dejong designed the successful exhibition Amsterdam DNA for the Amsterdam Museum.