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Chambers of Wonder

Kunstmuseum, The Hague (NL)

A 3D game for – yep – teenagers.
Together with the educational department of the Kunstmuseum The Hague we aimed to prove that teenagers want to visit museums. Or, actually, we wanted ‘infect’ this group with a love of art for the rest of their lives. That’s the idea behind ‘Chambers of Wonder.’

The Hague (NL)
2019 / 2013 / 2005
1200 m2
Content development, Spatial design, Graphic design, Creative direction
Wendy Snoek (lead 2019), Nienke van den Berg (lead 2013 / 2005), Mark de Jong, Martijn Sas, Serena Bigatti, Andreas Tscholl, Maaike van Keimpema, Lieke Neuman, Robin Schijfs
Kiss the Frog
Hardware, lighting
Rapenburg Plaza
Tungsten Pro
Build (2019)
Brandwacht & Meijer
Build (2013)
Kloosterboer Decor
Pepper’s ghost
Dutch Igloo
Everyone loves to play. And teenagers in particular

That’s why we created a 3D game set in a bright yellow labyrinth. Each with its own subject,  thirteen cabinets show a totally different, interactive world. The game showcases the museum’s own collection and at the same time you discover how you can shape the world around you, together and on your own.

Use all your senses

In one cabinet you dance the Victory Boogie Woogie together with Mondriaan. In another you can try on the museum’s entire fashion collection, starting from the 17th century to the present day. In the mirror room you can change the contours of your body with accessories and then strut the catwalk. In another investigation about The Hague School paintings you will see how they are constructed by zooming in and out, starting from the details and looking further out.

Getting lost is a good thing

The playing man and the palace with the 1000 rooms of Constant Nieuwenhuys is the inspiration for ‘Chambers of Wonder’. Wandering, getting lost, freedom, encounters, the infinite, the feeling that art can go in all directions. The labyrinth is a metaphor for what art could be.

An ever-growing universe

In the finals of the game you get to design your own digital Chamber of Wonder. This room can be uploaded to the Wonder World, an ever-growing universe of virtual Wonders and a spectacular audiovisual experience.

“Wandering, getting lost, freedom, encounters, the infinite, the feeling that art can go in all directions. The labyrinth is a metaphor for what art could be.”

Wendy Snoek

Designer at KDJ


Children in Museums Award 2015


International Design and Communication Awards 2014

Best Scenography for a Permanent Collection, winner

Dutch Game Award 2014

Best Applied Game Design, winner

Thea Award 2014

Outstanding Achievement

Museums+Heritage Awards 2014

International, Highly Commended

Design Week Awards 2014


Herengracht Industrie Prijs 2014


IDA International Design Awards 2013

Honorable Mention

MuseumNext Award 2014

Innovation, Honorable Mention

Cinekid Leeuw 2014

Best New Media Production, Finalist

De Nederlandse Designprijzen 2006

Exhibition & Experience Design, winner