the truth

FAKE. The Whole Truth

Stapferhaus, Lenzburg (CH)

The Stapferhaus in Lenzburg, Switzerland. A museum without a collection, that for years has been investigating what an exhibition really is. They view exhibitions as an appealing way to engage into a critical discussion with their audience and address relevant contemporary themes. Most museums are delicate buildings where you can’t just put screws into the ceiling, let in daylight, remove parts of the floor, or move the entrance. However, in the new Stapferhaus all this is possible. As we were involved in the early stages of design with Swiss Pool Architekten, the Stapferhaus building now has infinite possibilities and freedom for every new exhibition maker.

Lenzburg (CH)
1300 m2
Spatial design, Graphic design, Promotion and magazines
Matt Vermeulen (lead), Herman Kossmann, Pauline Fer, Julia Meyerrose, Robin Schijfs, Roel Bolhuis
Stapferhaus (Sibylle Lichtensteiger, Daniel Tyradellis)
Light design
Tokyo Blue (CH), Meier & Mathis Schreinerei (CH)
Decor construction
Kloosterboer Decor
Tweaklab (CH)
Film, animations
Shoho, Lucid (CH)
The opening exhibition: 'Fake.'

We were also allowed to design their opening exhibition: ‘Fake. Die ganze Wahrheit’ (Fake. The Whole Truth). We transformed the museum into a labyrinth with many rooms, ‘das Amt für die ganze Wahrheit’ (The Office for the Whole Truth). It covers all aspects of truth and untruth, from The Service for the Truth to a Department for Pinocchio research. The exhibition was extended twice and broke all visitor records.

Fake is everywhere. And always has been.

When you visit ‘Fake’, you come across a large number of counters that show the theme of ‘truth’ from many unexpected sides. The first fake product you get as an infant: the pacifier. The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. The judge’s robe which gives the impression of credibility. In ‘Fake’ every space misleads you by showing the thin line between ‘true’ and ‘false’. It shows that there is a usefulness and necessity to lies, and that together we constantly redefine what we see as ‘true’ and ‘false’.

Fake magazines, a poster campaign and visitor passes.

We were also responsible for the graphic design and DTP of the poster campaign key visual and items such as visitors passes and event brochures. We curated illustrators (such as Sebastiaan van Doninck, Christoph Frei, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Thomas Ott and Emma Verhulst) and did the art direction for a 130-page magazine. Fake. Das Magazin parodies the well-known German news magazine Der Spiegel and features fake ads, fake recipes and a crossword puzzle. The first print of 4000 copies sold out quickly, so the magazine was reprinted in an edition of 10.000 copies.


European Design Award 2019

Miscellaneous Exhibition Design, Silver

Muse Design Award 2019

Interior Design, Platinum winner