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Work in progress for a children's tour Work in Progress

25.11.2021 at 09:35 by Annika Jacobs


Super exiting moment discovering the panels of the « 4 visions on the Anthropocene » box we made for the Vienna Biennal 2021! Work in Progress

12.05.2021 at 12:00 by Lea Chenot


A big empty space, right before installing all exhibits at WeTheCurious! Project What If

01.02.2021 at 12:19 by Ina Meininghaus


Safety vs. functionality: looking for the best headphones to use in a factory Expedition HVC

07.01.2021 at 17:39 by Roel Bolhuis


The new temporary exhibition in House of European History is 'under construction' Fake (f)or Real

07.01.2021 at 17:32 by Tsur Reshef


The last steps before the Coronel Pavilion at the Portuguese-Israeli Cemetery Beth Haim is opened! Coronel pavilion

29.11.2020 at 14:30 by Remco Swart


All in good hands with Fiction Factory Museum of the Mind

07.11.2020 at 17:32 by Femke Bijlsma


"Who Cares?" The first model for a personal story in the upcoming exhibition on the Mind Museum of the Mind

20.08.2020 at 11:45 by Robert van der Linde

Visiting Paleis Het Loo together with Ina, to get an impression of the new exhibition spaces that are currently under construction. Het Loo palace

22.06.2020 at 14:08 by Robin Schijfs


Last trip before Corona Lockdown: Usomo from Berlin calibrating their audio tracking system in the Polder of Texel next to the bunker. Torn Island

22.06.2020 at 10:32 by Michel de Vaan

How to become invisible? Prototyping together with WeTheCurious at Bruns Project What If

17.03.2020 at 15:33 by Ina Meininghaus


Prototyping a rainbow crystal sphere for one of the new exhibit constellations at WeTheCurious. Project What If

12.03.2020 at 09:51 by Ina Meininghaus


Brainstorm sessions United Arab Emirates Pavilion

10.02.2020 at 14:58 by Alejandra Calderon


Imagining a new interactive in Al Ain Oasis! House of Artisans

10.02.2020 at 14:46 by Alejandra Calderon


Looking for inspiration in the desert of UAE House of Artisans

10.02.2020 at 12:22 by Alejandra Calderon


It all started with a paper scale model.. House of Artisans

10.02.2020 at 12:19 by Alejandra Calderon


Workshop at IJsfontein together with the Museum of the Mind - Work in Progress Museum of the Mind

06.02.2020 at 12:26 by Julia Meyerrose


Typo test for Museum of the Mind Museum of the Mind

23.01.2020 at 09:19 by Sietske Sips

Hotel of
the World

Hotel Bazar

Amsterdam (NL) / Rotterdam (NL)

A world hotel – Hotel Bazar – was designed above the multicultural Bazar restaurant in Rotterdam. Several floors of office space became vacant in this office block dating from the fifties. These could then be transformed into part of the hotel. A different continent was taken as a source of inspiration for each floor. The idea is that the hotel visitor is fully immersed for one night in a totally different ambience than that of daily life. Following the thousand and one nights and South America floors, designed earlier by Kossmanndejong in 2000, the third floor has now been developed with the theme of Africa. Each room represents a different country and a different African culture or tribe. Eleven totally different rooms, freely translated, never literally.

Amsterdam (NL) / Rotterdam (NL)
Hotel / Restaurant Bazar
2005, 2003, 2000
640 m2 / 640 m2 / 700 m2
Herman Kossmann, Robert van der Linde, Martijn Sas, Jos Kuppens, Maaike van Keimpema
Unique identity and character

In this world hotel, each individual floor focuses on a different world continent. In addition, each room represents a different country within that continent. Kossmanndejong was responsible for both the architectural aspects of the conversion and the interior design. When designing the rooms, we opted for a wide diversity of spatial use, ambience and finish. This ensured that each room had its own unique identity and character. Each bed, each bathroom and floor finish differed from the other rooms. A night spent here is therefore a unique experience, even for a frequently returning guest.


In addition to its restaurant in Rotterdam, Restaurant Bazar has now also opened its doors in Amsterdam. The former Buiten-Amstel Church on Albert Cuyp market street has been converted into a melting pot of cultures where everyone can come to eat, drink and endlessly look around.

A typical Arab market ambience has been created: a lively, busy place, chaotic but always convivial. Different styles converge here in the interior design, personnel and food. The focal point, visible from all sides, is a large round bar situated on the ground floor, comprising refrigerated display cabinets, food cans and old wood. All drinks are served from here and guests can wait here until a table is free. Around this lie different raised floors in various colours, with balustrades of blue glazed openwork stone. These elevated floors create a division into different neighbourhoods, each with its own uniquely different character. These neighbourhoods give the huge ground floor area a certain degree of intimacy.