On view

Steel and stamina

Offshore Experience

Maritime Museum, Rotterdam (NL)

Find out what it’s like on a drilling platform. In the interactive ‘Offshore Experience’ in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam, you’ll experience an impressive world of steel and stamina and see how the pioneers of the Dutch offshore industry execute spectacular projects all over the world, in and at the bottom of the sea.

Rotterdam (NL)
Maritime Museum
800 m2
Concept, Spatial design, Graphic design, Art-direction
Herman Kossmann, Matt Vermeulen, Martijn Sas, Remco Swart
Development, engineering and realisation
Bruns BV
Audiovisual productions
De Aanpak, Shosho
Kiss the Frog
Pepper’s Ghost
Dutch Igloo
Sound design
Danny Weijermans
Lighting design
The journey begins with a safety demonstration

You get a helmet and a yellow safety vest – this way you become part of the story. Then you step onto a gigantic blue and yellow drilling platform that is surrounded by the sea. Everything around you seems to be moving. An elevator takes you to the bottom of the sea. It’s dead quiet, dark and blue. You see divers at work, robots laying pipes. Fish, a squid, and a huge jellyfish swim past you.

A career in the offshore industry

Try your hand at the interactive exhibits to see if you’re suited for a career in the offshore industry. Can you land a helicopter on a drilling rig? Or cooperate effectively under pressure? How about trying to manipulate the world oil price by drilling more or less oil. Watch and listen to the personal stories of people who work in the offshore industry. For example you’ll meet a welder, a captain and a pilot.

Use your new knowledge

Once back ashore, you can vote for the most sustainable idea for energy production at sea. Each year different experts and the students of a Rotterdam school come up with new ideas.

A complex project

Within a short space of time, we were able to create this exhibition with an ambitious and specialist team. The project was a success thanks to the great perseverance of the client, the lighting-, sound- and media designers, to the many sponsors and to the main contractor Bruns.  The result is an experience that is as compelling as the offshore itself.


Bank Giro Loterij Museum Award 2018


World Interior News Award 2017


Children in Museums Award 2017


Museums+Heritage Awards 2017

International – Shortlisted

European Design Awards 2017

Miscellaneous Exhibition design — Bronze winner

Design Week Award 2017


Offshore Energy Public Outreach Award 2016