Lust for Life

Parade Museum

Travelling exhibition, Rotterdam (NL)

Kossmanndejong designed an experience for the 2016 edition of Dutch traveling theatre festival the ‘Parade’. It was named the Parade Museum. The Dutch Photo Museum in Rotterdam has been selected to arrange the Parade Museum and has asked Kossmanndejong to design an ‘exhibition’ about the photo book Eye Love You from Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990). Visitors of the Parade Museum were presented a compelling show of images that convey happiness, sadness, courage, battle and vitality.

Rotterdam (NL)
Nederlands Fotomuseum
Concept, Spatial design
Mark de Jong (lead), Martijn Sas
AV show
Tungsten Studio
AV hardware
Tent fabrication
Firma Traktor
Johan Idema

Ed van der Elsken was one of the most influential photographers in the Netherlands and is worldwide known for his black and white pictures. However, the last thirty years of his life he made also a lot of colour photos. Ed van der Elsken showed his love for people and life in his colour photo book Eye Love You from 1977. The Parade Museum is completely concentrated on this popular photo book. Linking to the nostalgic slide shows from the seventies, the Parade Museum presented Van der Elsken’s work in a multimedia contemporary slide show made by Tungsten Studio. In this show, visitors traveled along with Ed van der Elsken and looked through his eyes to see how love, life and death are experienced all over the world.

Also the extensive restoration project of the Dutch Photo Museum to renovate Ed van der Elsken’s colour slides was highlighted in the Parade Museum. Around 45.000 slides were affected by mould through damp conditions in the photographer’s house. Some thousand slides are restored in the restoration studio to show to the visitors of the Parade Museum. The Parade Museum is an initiative of cultural advisor Johan Idema.