On view

Multiple Frankfurts

Typical Frankfurt

Historisches Museum Frankfurt (DE)

Power to the imagination — In the new extension of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt – located between the town hall and the river Main – we designed three exhibitions: two permanent and one temporary. In these exhibitions you will discover the many faces of the city without seeing the city in its entirety. The starting point of the permanent exhibition ‘Typical Frankfurt’ is a giant snow globe located at the heart of the space – it resembles a snow globe which you can buy in a souvenir shop.

Frankfurt (DE)
Historisches Museum Frankfurt
1500 m2
Concept, Spatial design, Graphic design, Creative direction, Book design
Martin Saemmer (lead), Herman Kossmann, Sietske Sips, Robin Schijfs, Michel de Vaan, Martijn Sas, Roel Bolhuis
Light design
Film and animation
Artist Frankfurt model
Herman Helle, Hotel Modern
Artists snow globe models
Florian Goettke, Daniel Verkerk, Edwin Zwackman, Marc Giai-Miniet, Michael Birn, Rob Voerman, Stephan Mörsch, Tracey Schnelling
Engineering and build
InSynergie GmbH
Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei
A globe that works like a jukebox

In the snow globe you’ll find eight typical Frankfurter clichés, each one designed by an international artist. When you choose a cliché, a robot arm lifts the model from under the snow globe. Simultaneously, the model comes to life through a 360-degree projection on the circular walls around you. From the square outside, visitors can peek down into the snow globe – it’s a spectacular sight.

A place for research, reflection and discussion

On the third floor you will find the temporary exhibition ‘Frankfurt Jetzt’ (Frankfurt Now). A main feature is the 75 m2 Frankfurt scale model made by Rotterdam-based artist Herman Helle using found objects from Frankfurt. As the model leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation, it intuitively engages visitors to start talking about the city.

City laboratory

Another permanent feature of ‘Frankfurt Jetzt!’ is the city laboratory. We designed this as a completely flexible space where new workshops and lectures can take place, based on themes chosen by the residents of Frankfurt. In this way we investigate how locals experience their city. We challenge them to take part in the debate and they themselves become part of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt.